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  • How Do Field Hockey And Ice Hockey Games Differ?

    by admin in Uncategorized | Posted on April 25th, 2013 | Comments Off

    Despite similar names, field hockey and ice hockey are two very different sports. Each sport has its own unique set of rules, even though the main objective of both of them is to score by hitting an object into the opposing team’s net. Location of the Games The obvious difference is where each sport is played. Field hockey is played on a grass field whereas ice hockey is played on an indoor or outdoor ice rink. Each field of play has specific measurements that are set by the sport’s regulating party. Number of Players The number of players allowed on the field at one time is also a major difference between each sport. In ice hockey, web site, the number of players that are allowed on the ice rink at one time is six. One of the players always acts as goaltender, while the rest play on offense or defense. In field hockey, a total of eleven players are allowed on the field at one time, with one of those players at the goaltender position. Despite these differences, the goal of each sport is the same. Both ice hockey and field hockey games are split up into periods and players are charged with penalties, if necessary.

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